What is ReINC?

The Incubators and Technology Parks Network situated in Rio de Janeiro is the congregation of incubators situated in Rio de Janeiro to stimulate the exchange of knowledge among its members, with the purpose of supporting their development. The REDETEC – Technology and Innovation Network of Rio de Janeiro, is part of executive secretariat of ReINC. The coordination of Incubators and Technology Parks Network of Rio de Janeiro, 2015-2017 biennium, is in charge of the Industrial Design School of UERJ, represented by the manager of INESDI, Alessandro Valerio.

Promote the exchange of knowledge about Incubators and Technology Parks, and support the development of Incubators and Technology Parks.

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Estruturation logic of the strategic projects

REINC’s strategic projects follow the approach performance indicated here.
This structure aims to make the development and detailing of strategic projects and their future actions easier.
The projects may be structured with more than one acting logic in a complementary form. This approach allows the network to reach better results and support their associates and stakeholders.

Capture performance

It is responsible to manage and bring resources to perform the activities and projects of the network. Involves the search for governmental and private resources.

Engagement performance

It is responsible to manage more involvement and collaboration between the actors of the innovation’s environment and the network. Also aims to help the process of open innovation and co-development of projects between the actors.

Content generator performance

It is responsible to directly act in the creation and marketing of new contents – mapping and producing information of interest: sectorial analyses, innovation studies and new methodologies.

Managing performance

Acts more directly in the managing and operational concerns of the incubators trough consultancies, managing or in the project development. Has also the job to restructure the intern management and its administration.

Representation performance

Act politically in front of the state and country’s representative entity; participate actively on the construction and updates of politics of innovation processes on the state of Rio de Janeiro; and represent the major interests of the network members.

Results performance

More than resources, capacitation and infrastructure, the network supports their associates, in the search for a better performance of the business involved. Through prospection of opportunities in new job markets and clients; also helps in development and improvement of the products and services offered.

ReINC Goals:


Alessandro Valério

Alessandro Valério